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Regarding  "SpinSolfa"

< About >

SpinSolfa Co., Ltd. is a music producing company led by Tadayoshi Makino, game music composer.

Our specialty is music production for game, movie, commercial etc.

The company specializes in the following 3 music genre and pursues the best quality and the best efficiency.


1. Cinematic Orchestra
2. Rock (HR/HM)
3. Additional Elements (Ethnic/Electronica)

SpinSolfa's partners are working internationally as composers, orchestrators, interpreters, coordinators etc.
By the collaboration with them, we can work flexibly even for inquiries from overseas.


< Business Services >
Composition and Scoring
- Composition, Arrangement, Orchestration for Recording, Concert etc.
- Composition on the premise of Interactive Music, Surround mixing
- Implementation in "wwise"  *Consult us (Interactive Music Hierarchy)


Surround Mixing
- Responding to music mix for 2ch to 5.1ch
- Adjustment for Loudness (LUFS) reference of each model and purpose


Recording Coordination and Production (Tokyo / Overseas)
- Total solution for composition, recording and mixing
- Booking and coordination of recording members and studio
- Recording in overseas like USA, Sydney, Czech and Bulgaria etc.


Production Management
- Arrangement and coordination of composers with Japanese nationality
- Control and adjustment of output quality



< Company Overview >
Company Name : SpinSolfa Co., Ltd
Foundation Date : April 11, 2016
Address of Head Quarter : Dai-3 M Building B1F, Kasuga-cho 3-15-5, Nerima, Tokyo
CEO : Tadayoshi Makino
Partnership : Harmonics International Co., Ltd., Tomomichi Takeoka, Tomoko Akaboshi, HIRAK and more

Major Accounts

Forcewick Sound Design Co., Ltd
Degixart Entertainment




< Members >
Tadayoshi Makino   CEO / Composer / Guitarist / Producer

Masterpieces “Monster Hunter”, “Dragon’s Dogma” series
He worked as composer and music director.

He appeared as guitarist on orchestra concerts internationally like “Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert” and “Video Game Orchestra” etc.
He approaches to music in various ways as composer, musician, engineer and music director based on experience of music director of full orchestra recording in Prague, Czech and Sofia, Bulgaria etc., research work of surround mixing in LA, and lecture in “CEDEC”, conference for game developers

He left CAPCOM in Apr 2016 amicably and established the music producing company “SpinSolfa” with yardstick of unified entrustment, control and remote work in order to offer appropriate audio service to more contents.


Takeoka Tomomichi   Composer / Orchestrator / Music Director

He graduated from Tokyo University of The Arts, department of composition and finished its master’s course. His specialty is arrangement and composition mainly for orchestra sound from contemporary to classical.

Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert
Samurai Warriors 10th Anniversary Concert
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Orchestra Concert
Final Fantasy XI VANACON Orchestra Concert
Game Symphony Japan

He is acting to provide music and make arrangement for concerts.


Tomoko Akaboshi   Violinist / Strings Arranger / Translator / Coordinator

She grew up in Pennsylvania, New York in USA and graduated Tokyo College of Music.
During her student time, she started supporting artists as studio musician.

In NY where she lives now, she is acting not only as concert master and violinist in Broadway musical theater, but also as strings leader of production mainly on stage for widespread genre like Jazz and Pops additional to classical music.

She worked for Japanese TV drama music recording and performed with various artists like Seiko Matsuda, Keisuke Kuwata, YUKI, Alan Silvestri etc.

Moreover, as interpreter with knowledge of music and its terminology, she attended orchestra recording in overseas like “Star Wars in Cocert” orchestra tour, game “Dragon’s Dogma”, “Resident Evil 6” etc. She puts her best efforts to be bridge between Japan and USA by coordinating international creators and artists.


Harmonics International Co., Ltd.

Harmonics International has been discovering talents both domestically and internationally since 2006 to the satisfaction of many valued clients' businesses. The company was established to contribute various services to productions with the objective of spread excellent music around the globe.


We take pride in producing the finest recordings, new compositions and concerts (often of video game music) by coordinating performers, orchestras, composers and arrangers from around the globe.
Harmonics International aims to introduce Japanese culture and talent to the world, building a bridge that also enables the world to reciprocate.


HIRAK   Graphic Designer
He designs CD jacket, booklet, logo mark etc. considering CI/VI trying to make an impression. Logo of SpinSolfa was designed by HIRAK.



Please feel free to contact us at with any inquiries or interests.

Bussines Services
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